Covid 19


  • Our Office has resumed seeing patients for routine eye exams (glasses and contact exams) and medical office visits (glaucoma, diabetic, eye injury/infection, etc).

  • Exams are now by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

  • The main entrance is kept locked. Please call 540-834-2050 or 540-834-2020 when you arrive to gain access.

  • We have temporarily suspended walk-in visits during the pandemic to encourage social distancing and to allow our staff time to sanitize and clean exam room areas in between appointments. 

  • We are pre-screening all patients and any caregivers and or family members who accompany patients to their office visits with telephone interviews.

  • Patients or any individuals (including our staff) who have active pulmonary symptoms of any sort, elevated body temperature over CDC-recommended threshold, or history suspicious for exposure to novel coronavirus are not allowed in the office, with the exception of few select sight-threatening emergencies (under which circumstances they are seen with proper barrier protections)

  •  Patients and their companions should expect re-screening on presentation to the office, including measurement of their body temperature.

  • Patients are limited to a single companion to accompany them to their office visit.

  • To facilitate social distancing we have rearranged our physical layout and patients with their companions may be asked to wait in their vehicles outside the office until sufficient space is available for them to enter the building.

  • No children are allowed in the office, unless he or she is the patient.

  • Nursing home residents and those with significant pulmonary compromise are not allowed in the office.

  • The wearing of face masks or covering is required for the patient and their companions by government mandate.